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Journaling Style Options

How you fill our your journal is completely up to you, but we don’t want the task to feel daunting. This section of our website is designed to give you a few layout options for how to organize and plan your journal so that it turns out just the way you want it to in the end.

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Journaling information by the source:

In this case, we are referencing the source of your information. Are you taking notes from a specific deck’s guidebook? Are you referencing a Tarot book? Did you take a class? The first few examples below all group the information based on where the information was obtained. This makes it easy to reference a specific deck for a reading, or properly quote a book when needed.

*All examples below use consistent color combinations to source where information is coming from. Hopefully this helps to show how the same information is transformed to adapt to each journaling style.

Option 1

All information from one source grouped together.

In the example shown, you can see where we have color coded each source, and included the information we found relevant from that source. Keywords may seem repeated or very similar from source to source, you may choose to include the keywords that repeat or not, that is up to you. This option is great for those that feel like the more a keyword is repeated, the more relevant it must be and so it is important to note it each time.

*A great way to add pop of visual interest would be to add micro size versions of the cards before each section.

Option 2

Large block of keywords from all sources grouped together – excerpts from specific sources below.

Option 2 is similar to option 1 but includes keywords that often tend to be repeated in a block section up top. It is important to set aside enough room to collect all of your keywords at the top before detailing any excerpts below that may limit your room. This journaling style allows you to condense commonly repeated keywords if you prefer to focus on the unique excerpts from your readings. This style is great for those that prefer to write out longer quotes from their resource books, or have longer notes from a class you want to include.

If you like to make notations about imagery in the cards you could always create a block section for the keywords, a block section for quotes you like, and a block section for imagery notes. It’s your journal, include what you feel will build the strongest reference book for your practice.

Option 3

Blocks or columns of keywords.

This options keeps a condensed list of keywords for each source, neatly staking them into organized columns of information. If you are primarily interested in keeping a record of keywords, and don’t intend to take longer notes or excerpts from author notes, this may be the option for you. Each block contains a few keywords and the layout allows for lots of information to be packed in however it fits best.

This option can be tricky if you have naturally large handwriting. If you write small, and like the look of organized boxes of information, this may be the options for you.

Journaling information by the category:

Option 4

Web of connected meanings for those that prefer grouping similar concepts.

Option 4 is unlike any of the previous options in that it doesn’t sort the information based on source at all. In our provided example, we have still color coded the information for cohesion through the examples, and you could do the same with your journal if you would still like to reference the original source material. In the example provided, some main web words may even be connected – for example: New Beginnings and Potential my have a line that connect them, if you feel like those terms resonate together as well as have their own unique subset meaning.

*Colored dots have been used to show where information has been repeated from different sources.

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