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What is the Tarot Guidebook Journal?

Find out the author’s insights into making the Tarot Guidebook Journal.

The Tarot Guidebook Journal is a bullet style journal pre-organized for you to easily catalog the keywords that come with your decks, your own personal insight and/or book quotes from your studies for each card in the deck. Complete with a table of contents, organized chapters for the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana Suits, as well as an entire chapter for you to explore and create Tarot spreads of your own. This journal is a blank slate, with plenty of room to write and keep your knowledge of the Tarot organized all in one place.

How is the Tarot Guidebook Journal different from other Tarot journals?

The Tarot Guidebook Journal is designed to be a permanent resource on your altar, Tarot desk, or your sacred space to practice. With the goal to be added to over time, this book is the most personal version of a Tarot guidebook you are ever going to come across. Why? Because it has been created by you, for you, based on your Tarot deck and book collection. We fill our journal with the keywords that come with our deck guidebooks, our own personal insight into the cards, and book quotes from our studies.

Who is the Tarot Guidebook Journal for?

The Tarot Guidebook Journal is great for those that learn best by writing things down. Our journal is made for Tarot readers that like the idea of having a well-organized and hand-written journal, but may lack the time or creative energy to make one from scratch. The Tarot Guidebook Journal organizes the pages for you, giving you structure and uniformity throughout the layout so you can focus on journaling the meaning of the cards that resonate most for you.

Whether you are new to learning the Tarot or you are a practiced reader with many decks in your collection, this journal is a resource you will reference time and time again. Our standard edition of the Tarot Guidebook Journal comes with 252 pages, while our Extended Edition comes with 420 pages, giving you extra blank pages to add to your personal collection of Tarot knowledge.

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