Sidebook to the Guidebook

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

This is a resource section to help give you some ideas on how to best utilize your Tarot Guidebook Journal. We hope it helps to provide insight into the journal, spark your creativity, drive your passion of the Tarot & channel a deeper learning of yourself.

Journal Insight

What is the Tarot Guidebook Journal? How is it different than other Tarot journals? Who is the Tarot Guidebook Journal best suited for? Find all of these answers in the Journal Insight section.

Insider Tips

A quick preview into the dot style pages that form the basis of the journal, insight into the organizational layout, and other insights to help you make the most of your journal from the very beginning.

Journaling Styles

Explore a few different journaling styles to see which style might suit you best. We have uploaded a page from the book and used it to outline a few journaling style options.

Learning Tarot

A starter database of a few keywords for each of the 78 cards in the deck. We provide basic meanings for upright & reversed cards based on the Rider Waite Smith meanings.

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