Meet the author

Hello! I’m Sie (pronounced like “Sea’) & I’m the designer behind the Tarot Guidebook Journal. I’m a creator by day, a sunset seeker by evening & a barefoot Goddess under the moon by night.
Sagittarius Sun/Gemini Moon/Sagittarius Rising.
Self taught Tarot reader, herbalist healer, crystal collector, & spiritual seeker of high frequencies. She/Her. Wife. Dog Mom. Sea siren with a sailor mouth. Truly grateful to have you here along the journey. Blessed be.

I am a cultivator.

Plain and simple, I like to make things grow. From self love, to passion & balance in my marriage, growing in my spiritual journey, to the food forest in my yard, I’m just trying to fulfill the highest version of myself that I can. I hope to help inspire growth along your journey, as well.

Why did I cultivate the Tarot Guidebook Journal into existence?

Every Tarot journey is unique and divinely personal to the person going through it, and the knowledge base of any particular reader is deeply based off of the learning tools they have been given on their journey. The Tarot Guidebook Journal is a bullet style journal organized to allow you to catalog your the meanings for the cards that resonate most for you on the blank slate format we provide. As you acquire Tarot resources, the Tarot Guidebook Journal give you a place to catalog all of that information in one place, turning it into a one of a kind resource unique to you and your practice.

How do I use my Tarot Guidebook Journal?

I use my journal daily in my practice for myself. I love being able to read the cards as they come, journaling my daily spread in a separate journal for my readings, and then cross referencing my Tarot Guidebook Journal to see if there are any deeper meanings that I may have missed to recall. In my personal journal, I have chosen to detail keywords from deck guidebooks, quotes from resource books I have read, personal notes about events or people in my life that relate to a card, intuitive meanings that occur over and over again, and sometimes even small sketches, shapes, or color dashes that speak out to me. My Tarot Guidebook Journal could almost be compared to something along the lines of a Tarot Grimoire or Tarot Book of Shadows. It wasn’t filled out in one day, but slowly added to over time, giving a range of diverse perspectives of the card as my knowledge has grown.

What other journals do I use along side the Tarot Guidebook Journal?

I usually come to the Tarot with my thoughts on the day, on life, on decisions I am struggling with or really any life event that requires insight or contemplation. In addition to my Tarot Guidebook Journal, I use a daily spreads log / daily journal. This makes it easy for me to keep separate the ever-changing day to day aspects of my Tarot practice (daily thoughts, spreads and messages from Spirit) from my more consistent and factual based meaning of the cards that I draw from with my guidance. One is something that gets filled up with the small details of life and then gets put away just like the memories they came from. The other stays out on my desk daily and keeps getting better with time, like those milestone memories that help define and empower our purpose in life.  To relate it to the Tarot, my Tarot Guidebook Journal is similar to the Major Arcana, an outline of major foundational archetypes of my practice, where my daily spreads journal is more like the Minor Arcana, and is filled with more of the situational influences in life.

How do I hope you use your Tarot Guidebook Journal?

In whatever way serves you best! Just because we imagine it as its own deeply magickal resource and wealth of knowledge from multiple sources, doesn’t mean that’s how you see it. If you would prefer to use it to detail a single deck that you have so that you have access to a full-size guidebook, then by all means, do what serves you and your practice the best. We have simply hoped to provide an outline for your creativity and your learning.



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