Major Arcana


There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana, starting with 0 and going to 21. The Major Arcana cards represent the archetypes or primary foundational influences in our lives.

The Major Arcana tells the story of the Fool as he travels down the path of enlightenment. Each card in the Major Arcana represents a major influence in life, a major archetype of foundation, and an aspect of the self one must recognize and learn to reach enlightenment.

We have included a link to a version of the Fool’s journey at the bottom of this page, below the keyword descriptions for the Major Arcana cards. Feel free to reference it and adjust it how you see fit for your copy to the Tarot Guidebook Journal.

There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana that depict the major archetypes of human nature.

The included keywords for each Major Arcana card are here to get you started learning the Tarot card meanings.

0 – FOOL

New beginnings, new adventures, new paths, infancy stage, journey

Optimism, fresh hope, pure potential, innocence

A good time to proceed, a time to take a leap of faith, a time to trust in the universe
Not having hope, lack of optimism blocking potential

Assuming you now the answers

Being unable to take the leap of faith need to begin


Action – conscious mind being activated, Spiritual & Earthly connnections

Manifestation, alchemy, resourcefulness

Focused creativity, inspired action
Having the tools, knowledge & potential to create
Not meeting potential, unused skills, lack of motivation

Exploring ideas, but not taking action yet

Manifesting for greet, manipulation or trickery


Passivity – subconscious mind, seeking inner truth

Intuition, third eye insight, dreams, powerful visions, psychic insight

Inner truth/wisdom,
Spiritual enlightenment, encourages trusting in yourself
Keeping secrets, hidden agendas, gossip or mistruths

Fear of intuitive abilities, loss of true self

May reveal there is hidden information around you, take care who you confide in

A turn away from your inner wisdom


Nurturing, maternal influence, love, compassion, emotion

Creative, content, connected

Feminine energy, fertility, abundance, harvest

Approaching situations with feelings over logic
Retreat from feelings, rejecting emotions, suppressing desires, not committing to self-care

Stubborn refusal to examine facts, giving in to wants

Emotional overwhelm, infertility


Structure, stability, power, authority, strategic, analytical

Old & wise, strong & stubborn, order created from well established boundaries

Taking firm & deliberate action, a developed personal sense of morals

Being too rigid to succeed, being defensive, being overly aggressive when confronted

Inability to make decisions, perhaps an emotional immaturity holding you back

Corruptions, abuse of power, unchecked authority, an over-desire for control


Ritual, tradition, conventional expectations, formal education

Adhering to the rules, societies expectations

A teacher, mentor, religious leader, coach or spiritual guide
Unorthodox, rebelling against societal norms

Stagnant or outdated way sof thinking

Ego-based leadership, immoral actions of those in power

A need to connect with Spirit


Choice, moral independence

Love, unity, attraction, relationships, friendships, soul connections

Choosing the strength of two over one, compromise

Healthy boundaries, lasting bonds, desire, intimacy
Emotional immaturity, romantic immaturity, weakness of desires

Block or imbalance in relationship communication

Loss of the self, too much co-dependency, giving away too much of your power

Having to many expectaions


Success, forward motion, victory

Confidence, strong character, integrity, mental willpower directing passions

Earned success through dedication & personal achievement

A good time to take inspired action
Unsuccessful willpower, lack of control, lack of self-discipline

Going in the wrong direction, lack of energetic focus

A tendency to speed past things that need attention or the needs of others


Courage, calmness, quiet strength, being strong from within

Compassion, bravery, graceful leadership

The ability to face life with hope & eagerness
Courage fails, weakness

Overwhelmed with pessimistic thoughts

Blocked by fear, indecision, self-doubt

A need to exercise self control


Inner reflection, self-development, soul searching

Solitude, introspection, meditation, contemplation

Possibly a teacher or mentor, showing you the process to find your way

Finding inner guide within
Withdrawing due to isolation, loneliness, fear, paranoia

A refusal to listen to advice, causing withdrawal & avoidance, forever seeking without healing

Feeling like a misfit

10 – WHEEL

Cycles, changes, a turning point, a shift in influencing energy

Fate, karma, what goes around comes around

Symbol of gambling, luck, good fortune

A good time to take a chance, a positive sign for presenting opportunities
Bad karma, misfortune, coming hardships, unexpected setbacks, the inevitability of hard change

Struggle against the natural cycle of events, trying to control the way things unfold

Encourages faith & optimism that good times will come again


Honesty, balance, fairness, accountability, truth, integrity, objectivity

Cause & effect, you reap what you sow

Fining truth, being thorough, seeing the truth about the past

Balance between understanding & action, seeing clearly
Retribution, dishonesty, injustice, inequality, imbalance, unfair actions, unjust perceptions

Being unwilling to see your role in events, unwilling to accept consequences

A need to take responsibility for actions made, being accountable for current situation


Reflection, calm understanding, letting go, inner shifts

Change in perspective, a change within, new wisdom found, re-aligning the heart & purpose

Surrendering to the will of the universe, an intentional pause,
Inability to let go, stuck on societal expectations, living an unauthentic life

Stagnation, stubbornness, holding on to something that isn’t meant for you, self sabotage

Being a martyr

13 – DEATH

A rebirth, a death of one aspect so that another can be reborn

End of a cycle, creating new habits, transformation, transition

An initiation process, newfound awareness, new beliefs
Battle to avoid change, fear of the end of the cycle, clinging to comfort of old energy

Stuck in old habits, sticking to sentimental attachments

End of hope, forces of destruction, mortality, mourning loss


Moderation, balance, taking the middle ground

Alchemy, blending energies, mixing patience with purpose, harmony

Grounded & practical nature to actions, masculine & feminine energies, duality
Going to extremes, lack of control, lack of moderation, wild aspect to actions, impatience

Failure in letting go of old habits, clashing interests, disharmony, polarity

15 – DEVIL

Temptation, addiction, self-bondage, being a slave to vices & desires

Greed, envy, obsession, manipulation, shame

Being trapped by your stories, being unable to move past your history
A move towards liberation, freedom from addiction, breaking the chains of bondage, release

Realizing how you have given your power away, realizing the terms of your slavery to your vices

16 – TOWER

Sudden change, upheaval, unavoidable eruption of past events in chaos

Destruction of long held beliefs, a sudden shift in perspective, a jarring flash of enlightenment

Natural change, the universe removes energy that no longer serves you
Refusal to change, fear of the unknown, denial of the facts – all culminates in imprisonment to the circumstances

Unable to allow release, unable to accept change, unable to be liberated

The painful experience continues until the lesson is learned

17 – STAR

Renewal, healing after trauma, inner calm, clarity,

Wishes granted, expectations fulfilled, opportunities arise

Time of personal growth, hope, appreciating blessings

Passive stage, unconscious activated
Closed off, stuck in trauma response, anxiety, fear, weakness, masking insecurities

Loss of faith, diminished hope, disappointed with missed opportunities

A need to focus on the blessings you do have & trust you are on the right path

18 – MOON

Intuition, powerful subconscious, trusting your intuition

Can show unseen truths, hidden problems, situations may not seem as they appear, illusions

Mystery, dreams, perception, depths of the mind, facing deep fears
Disturbed emotions, fears, mental confusion, anxiety, misinterpretation, struggles with reality

Difficulty separating illusions & dreams from reality, being unable to process intuition, block in spiritual connection

A need to trust in the depths of your intuition

19 – SUN

Joy, freedom, optimism, lucid awareness, intense creativity, manifesting life

Active & energized state, inspired energy, set free by the abundance found within, confident direction in life

A sign pointing to yes, life is yours to manifest
Delays in joy, negative mindset, self-doubt, lacking confidence, unable to recognize happiness

Relapse in lucidity, clouded perception

A need to recognize the small joys in life, a need to find inspiration


The call, self-realization & understanding, spiritual enlightenment, redemption

A new consciousness, a new reality, an internal truth beyond our current knowledge

Knowing your heart & actions to be true to your highest self
Self doubt, inner criticism, denying the higher self, allowing excuses to dominate the situation

Person doesn’t know how to answer the call, does not have the means to answer the call

A need to let go of shadow aspects of self, stop hiding & emerge into who you truly are

21 – WORLD

Wholeness, completion, success, achievement, satisfaction, accomplishment, joy, deep content

Encourages wrapping up your journey, bringing it to closure, & reflecting on the journey just finished

Unification of the inner self & outer actions, new levels of consciousness reached, ascension, enlightenment
Stagnation, moving backwards, progress halted, no progress happening

Taking shortcuts, not following through, not dedicating focus until the end

A need to realize the potential is always there when you are ready to fulfill your dreams, it is within you

The Story of the Fool’s Journey

Learning the journey of the Fool deeply helped our understanding of the Major Arcana and the associated foundational archetypes. Hearing the base of each card applied in a story like timeline helped the meanings, and more importantly, that deeper understanding of the Major Arcana click into place. For this reason, we have included a two page spread for you to be able to write in your preferred version of the Fool’s journey, in your own words. After all, each of our Tarot journeys are different, and therefore the way we personally relate to the Fool’s journey through the archetypes is different. If you need a little inspiration, we have included a version via the button link below. Feel free to alter it how you see fit for your copy of the Tarot Guidebook Journal.

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