Learning Tarot


Every Tarot journey is different, and everyone learns in their own unique way.

We’re here to help you create a resource you will use for years with your Tarot Guidebook Journal. Our Learning Tarot section is great for exploring the basic keywords for each card. Each card lists keywords for the upright and reversed meanings of the card. The upright meanings are meant to represent the card in its abundant state of natural flow, and the reversed meanings are meant to represent the card experiencing a state of blockage.

If you don’t happen to own a Tarot Deck yet, this is a great resource to get you started in journaling your very own Tarot Guidebook Journal pages.

*All keyword references made for the cards on this site are generally based on Rider Waite Smith & similarly themed decks.

Major Arcana

There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana that depict the major archetypes of human nature. They are numbered 0-21, starting with the Fool and working up to the World. In the Major Arcana section, we offer basic keywords for each of the 22 cards.

Tarot Guidebook Journal – Major Arcana Title Page

Minor Arcana

There are 4 suits to the Minor Arcana, and depending on the deck you are looking, the names of each suit can vary. For the purposes of the Tarot Guidebook Journal, we based the outline of the book off the elements each suit is based around, as this is a fairly universal system. The elements are Fire, Water, Air & Earth, and each of these make up a suit of the Minor Arcana. Each Minor Arcana suit has its own chapter to detail the 14 cards that make up that suit. In the Minor Arcana section, you will find links to explore each of the suits, as well as basics for the numerology and court card summary pages of your Tarot Guidebook Journal.

Tarot Guidebook Journal – Minor Arcana Title Page

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