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Tarot Guidebook Journal options

The Tarot Guidebook Journal is a bullet-style journal organized with dot pages for each of the 78 Tarot cards. It comes with organized chapters for the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana suits, as well as an entire chapter for you to explore and create Tarot spreads of your own.

Tarot Guidebook Journal – Standard Edition – 252pg

The Tarot Guidebook Journal comes standard with 252 pages for your journaling needs. Each of the 78 Tarot cards comes with their own 2 page spread for you to be able to journal the upright and reversed meanings that resonate most for you.

Tarot Guidebook Journal – Extended Edition – 420pg

The Tarot Guidebook Journal Extended Edition comes bulked out with 420 pages for your journaling needs. Each of the additional pages in this book are blank dot page spreads inserted after each card’s place in the book so that you have twice the space to journal the meanings that resonate most for you.

Our Etsy Shop will feature both the Tarot Guidebook Journal and the Extended Edition in the white soft cover (paperback) version and the white hard cover version. We also offer digital journal pages, as well as matching journal extras like stickers and patches.

If showing optimum support to the author is a primary motivator when making a shopping decision, we can ensure that shopping our Etsy shop is the most direct way to support us.

Blurb is the self-publishing site we used to coordinate the printing process for all of our books, however, they only retail limited versions of the Tarot Guidebook Journal. They will offer the Standard and Extended Editions, however they will only sell a blank grey wrapped hard cover option, that comes with a removable white dust cover sleeve that matches the other versions.

If you prefer to buy from a retailer you trust, we do offer the Tarot Guidebook Journal and the Tarot Guidebook Journal Extended Edition on Amazon. The prices are slightly higher on Amazon due to the fees they charge. While this may feel like the most convenient option for you, we do not personally handle the distribution of these books, and therefore do not get the opportunity to include any personal gratitude with your purchase. The best way to support us directly is through our Etsy Shop.

Tarot Guidebook Journal – PDF Digital Download

The Tarot Guidebook Journal also comes available as a PDF digital download for you to be able to print the journal and bind in your own personal notebook, if you wish.

The great option about the PDF digital download version is that you can print the pages as you need them, or print extra pages once your pages are full of your Tarot knowledge. When you first print your book, the pages are designed to be printed front to back as you need them, with the 2-page spreads for cards to be facing each other on two separate pages.

To add additional pages as your journal fills up, simply print the 2-page spread for the card you need as a front and back of a page instead, so that when you inset it into your binder the two upright pages face each other and the two reversed pages will face each other. Still need to expand to fit more of your Tarot knowledge? Try printing 1/2 of the two page spread on front and back of one page and the other 1/2 of the two page spread on the font and back of another page. This will allow you to keep all of your upright meanings together as well as all of your reversed meanings together.

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