This site serves as a companion resource to the Tarot Guidebook Journal. You’ll find tools to help get your creative juices flowing for journaling your own personal guidebook designed around your Tarot knowledge.

The Tarot Guidebook Journal book options:

Tarot Guidebook Journal

The Tarot Guidebook Journal comes standard with 252 bullet style dot pages for your journaling needs. Your journal comes with organized chapters for the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana suits, as well as an entire chapter for you to explore and create Tarot spreads of your own. The minimalist layout throughout the book encourages you to make it personal to you and your Tarot journey.

Tarot Guidebook Journal Extended Edition

The Tarot Guidebook Journal Extended Edition has the same format as the 252 page edition, but comes bulked out with 420 pages for your journaling needs. Each of the additional pages in this book are blank dot page spreads inserted after each card in the deck so that you have twice the space to journal the card meanings that resonate most for you.

Tarot Guidebook Journal Digital Download Copy

The digital download copy of the Tarot Guidebook Journal is great for those who prefer three ring binders, or those that want the literal flexibility to add pages to your book if needed in the future. The good news is, the digital download copy comes as an instant satisfaction buy! Get the files immediately after purchase, and create your journal on your terms. Exclusively available via our Etsy shop.

Additional resources to explore:

Sidebook to the Guidebook

The Sidebook section of our website is meant to provide you with a resource to help you once you own the Tarot Guidebook Journal. The journal itself doesn’t come with any instructions printed inside, so with the Sidebook tab on the main menu, we offer insight into what to expect inside the journal, tips to consider before you starting journaling information, as well as sample journaling examples to help you explore your ideas for how you want to journal your knowledge onto the pages.

Want to learn the Tarot card meanings?

Our section for Learning Tarot breaks down the basics for the upright and reversed meanings of each of the 78 cards. This resource is not comprehensive, but more of a starter guide to get you going. If you do not have a Tarot deck of your own, but want to start learning the meanings with your Tarot Guidebook Journal, this can serve as one easy to find and free resource to get you started.